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Claiming Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Support

How to Claim

If you wish to apply for Housing Benefit and /or Local Council Tax Support (LCTS), you will be required to complete an online application form.

You must start an online claim form as soon as you decide you want to claim. Do this by entering your name, address and contact details on the form, which will preserve your ‘intention to claim’ date. You will then be given the option to save it, or complete and submit it to us.

Click on the link below to make a claim in the following way:

Our Benefits calculator gives you an instant estimate of the help you may get with your rent or Council Tax. If you haven't claimed Tax Credits, the calculator can also tell you how much help you may get from these payments. These calculations are only an estimate based on the information you supply.

***If you are Self Employed*** you will be invited to attend an interview to discuss your claim once your form has been submitted. This is because self-employed claims are often more complicated.

For help filling in this form:

Please refer to the Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support help guide. There is also a 'Help' section within the form itself.

If you do not have access to the internet at home:

  • you can access the claim form using a friend’s or relative’s PC and internet connection
  • you can gain access to a PC at your local library
  • you can ask your Support Worker to assist you
  • you can ask your Housing Provider to assist you
  • The form is mobile and tablet friendly. However if you experience any difficulty, there is access to a PC in the Benefit Section Reception area at the Town Hall, where an Advisor is available to help you through this process.

In each of the above cases, your claim can only be paid once all of the information that is requested of you is received. Any delay in submitting the necessary information may hold up the assessment process.
If you need any assistance with your claim, please contact the Benefit Section on 023 9254 5325

What information will I need to support my claim?

At the end of the online claim form, once this has been submitted, there will be a list of documents you need to provide to support your own claim. Where any additional information is required, we will contact you to tell you about this. We will contact you by telephone, text, email or by letter.

When completing the form however, you will need to know the following information:

  • National Insurance number for yourself (and any partner)
  • Income details for you (and any partner) - including any benefits, earnings, Tax Credits etc.
  • Bank details for you (and any partner) – including account numbers, sort codes and balances
  • How much rent you are charged
  • Your Landlord’s name and address
  • Non-dependant details (if applicable) – including details of their income

To ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible, please tell us straightaway if you will have difficulty in supplying any of the information.

If you require further information to assist you in your claim for Housing Benefit and/or Local Council Tax Support, please contact the Benefits Section on (023) 9254 5325 or email benefits@gosport.gov.uk
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