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Gosport Borough Council



Grass Cutting

The council is responsible for mowing over 1.5 million m² - equivalent to cutting more than 214 football pitches.

The grass is cut on a cycle, with the Borough being split in to three working Zones :-



High Profile major routes into the Borough

Grass Cutting commences from March through to October and is dependent on weather and ground conditions

GBC do not cut grass that is:

  • privately owned
  • on properties/estates not owned by the council
  • outside of Gosport Borough Council boundary

Gosport Borough Council are restricted by natural elements and some cutting may not run to schedule( Extended dry weather may make cutting unnecessary, with wet weather creating poor ground conditions)  using mowers on very wet land can create mess and damage the sward of the grass.

In some circumstances  it is sometimes necessary for mowing to continue during wet weather, however for health and safety reasons, grass cutting to banks may not be carried out if the ground is wet.

Areas that have been cut during wet weather may appear to be churned up afterwards. this is usually superficial and the grass will normally recover within 48 hours.

Some areas of grass are cut by pedestrian hand mower and these are cut on a separate schedule

Naturalised areas

Over the years the council has planted thousands of spring flowering bulbs, such as crocus and daffodils, throughout the borough. Most of these bulbs are planted in drifts providing a beautiful display of colour during early spring.

After the blooms have faded the grass is left uncut to allow the leaves to continue to photosynthesize and then die back naturally returning energy to the bulb ready for flowering again the following year. The grass in these areas will get longer than in the surrounding areas and will only be cut and removed in June. This has the added benefit of allowing early flowering wild flowers to flourish in these areas boosting the borough’s biodiversity.

Frequently asked questions

Is it OK to cut the grass verge outside my house?

You should be aware of the possible risk of injury to yourself, passing pedestrians and trafficand contact Hants Highways to apply for a licence https://www.hants.gov.uk/transport/licencesandpermits/planting if the land abuts the Highway, alternatively contact Gosport Borough Council Streetscene on 08000 198598

Why hasn't an area on the estate been cut at the same time as the rest?

This could be because:

·         it is suffering from a problem such as localised water logging

·         it is not always possible to finish a whole estate in one day and the team may need to come

      back the next day to finish off

·         the land may belong to someone else, be in private ownership or be on a different route

·         the area has wild flowers and/or bulb plantings and is cut on a different frequency

·         it may require a smaller pedestrian mower or may be cut by larger equipment such as a

      tractor fitted with gang mowers

Why aren't grass cuttings removed?

The quantities would amount to thousands of tonnes a year, removal of which would result in unacceptable costs and an unacceptable carbon footprint. The cuttings add nutrients (nitrogen) into the ground, which strengthens the grass and improves growth

How can I help?


·         don’t park on grass verges

·         don’t place decorative stones or logs on verges as these can be dangerous

·         remove your wheelie bin from the verge as soon as possible after it has been emptied

To report a problem with grass cutting please email streetscene@gosport.gov.uk  or contact us on 08000 198598

What if my property is damaged while council staff are cutting the grass?

If you consider that your property has been damaged by an employee of Sodexo Horticultural Services , please phone 02392 502230