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Licensing Act 2003

The Licensing Act 2003 requires Gosport Borough Council as the Licensing Authority to determine and publish its Statement of Licensing Policy at least every five years, to keep it under review and make such revisions to it, as it considers appropriate.


The policy has several aims. It sets out how the Council approaches its licensing responsibilities and aims to promote the four licensing objectives under the Licensing Act 2003 and will apply when making decisions about applications.


GBC Licensing Policy 2016 - 2021

Statement of Licensing Policy 2011 - 2016


The Statement of Licensing Policy 2011 - 2016 was determined by the Council in respect of its licensing functions for the five year period commencing 7 January 2011 Statement of Licensing Policy.


 Fee Levels

The Licensing Act 2003 ("The Act") provides for fees to be payable to the licensing authority in respect of the discharge of their functions. The fee levels are set centrally by the Home Office, at a level to allow licensing authorities full cost recovery for the administration, inspection and enforcement of the new regime.


Centrally set fees removes the previous inconsistencies in fee levels and creates a fair and level playing field across England and Wales.  To view these fees on the Home Office website, click here.  

Home Office Guidance for Applicants

The Home Office have released guidance notes for applicants, which provides information on how to complete the application forms. To view these notes on the Home Office website, click here.

Home Office Guidance to Clubs for Conversion & Variation

Please find below links to the Home Office guidance to clubs for conversion (and variation) which is now available on their website, click here

Temporary Event Notices (TENs)

TENs can be given to permit any of the licensable activities subject to limits on the number of such notices which can be given by an individual or for specific premises. For more information, please click here.

Licensing Board Hearings
Reports from the Licensing Board Hearings may be viewed from the Democratic Services webpages, click here.

Guidance for Interested Parties

On Friday 25th November, The Home Office issued Guidance for Interested Parties, such as local residents and businesses about:


  • How to Make Representations
  • How to appeal a licensing authority decision
  • How to seek a review of a licence


The above guidance notes, along with a "Licensing Act 2003 - Jargon Buster" and "Examples of possible licensing conditions" are available to print or download from the "residents guidance" page of the Home Office website, click here.


These are not statutory Guidance notes and will therefore be kept under review in the light of experience.

Responsible Authorities
Details of Responsible Authorities to send copies of completed applications


Example of Public Notice - Newspaper
An example of a Public Notice - Newspaper can be viewed.

Site Notice Form
An example of a site Statutory Site Notice form can be viewed here.

Personal Licence Applications
Gosport Borough Council's guidance for Personal Licence Applications can be downloaded here.

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