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Bury Road Conservation Area

Gosport Borough Council has extended the  Bury Road Conservation Area boundary (PDF) [1MB]  to include more buildings, helping to make sure they are protected from inappropriate development. Some other buildings have been excluded.

A conservation area is designed to preserve and enhance the special historic or architectural interest of an area and help ensure that future development has regard to this. 

Bury Road conservation area takes in Bury Cross at its western end, extending east along Bury Road to include Regency and Victorian housing as far as Abingdon Close.  The earliest buildings date from the 16th century.

Buildings the council extended the area to include are:

  • Nicholson Hall - a memorial to Benjamin Nicholson of Camper and Nicholsons
  • 258-262 Anns Hill Road - once the Harvest Home pub and later a Royal Marines Association club
  • Lodge Gardens Area - a high-quality 1960s residential development
  • 2-4 (even) Bury Crescent - including a 1930s thatched cottage

Buildings excluded from the area are: 1-2 Wilton Close, 16 Privett Road and 64 Foster Road. These are either not of historic interest or not part of the core area.

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