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Energy Rebates - What to do when your receive your letter

How Do I Reach The Input Page?
We have issued letters to anyone we don't hold bank details for. The letter contains two ways to access your personal record:

- A personalised link
- A personalised QR code which can be scanned

Either method will take you to your personal input page, where you can input your bank details and some other brief details on a secure link.

I Pay Council Tax By Direct Debit
We have paid 91% of those who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit.

If we haven't paid you, it's because we couldn't match your bank details. You have recently received a letter from us with instructions of how to give them to us.

I Don't Pay Council Tax By Direct Debit
You will receive a letter from us in July or August with instructions of how to give us your bank details. In order to spread the workload for our staff and minimise wait-times for enquiries, we are spreading the letters over a few weeks.

What Details Will I Need To Provide?
1. Input your phone number
2. Input your date of birth 
3. Click your postcode and select your address from the dropdown list
4. Input your bank account name, number and sort code

Why Do You Need These Details?
Your phone number is purely to make it easy to contact you if we have any queries. Your date of birth is to help Experian identify you.

Please Don't Type Your Address Directly Into the Address Boxes
The software we are using does not prevent you from typing your address into the boxes, but this is likely to cause your address to appear in a slightly different format than Experian holds, and could cause it not to match you. We have had instances of this occurring.

Use the dropdown that you are presented with when you click your postcode and the format will be correct.

Why Don't You Just Print My Address On The Form?
Addresses need to be in the format that Experian recognises. The address on our records may be essentially the same, but with differences in format, leading to a failure to match on Experian. The dropdown list attached to your postcode is in the correct format.

How Long Have I Got To Act?
You have an open period of three weeks from the date of your letter. Once that time has passed, if you have not input your bank details, we will credit your Council Tax account with £150.

Why Are You doing An Experian Check On Me?
We are using Experian's data solely to identify that we pay the right people. We are not checking anything else. It is not a credit check. It won't leave any footprint on your credit history. Neither Experian nor the Council will retain any of the details you provide.

Is It Compulsory To Complete The Form?
No, it is entirely up to you. If you give us your bank details, we will make a payment to you. If you don't, we will credit your Council Tax account as soon as your open period ends.

Why Have I Received A Letter When I Pay Council Tax By Direct Debit?
If you pay by Direct Debit, you will still receive a letter if:
1. You started paying by Direct Debit since 1 April this year. 
2. We couldn't match your bank account name with the name on your bank Council Tax record. This could be due to a small difference such as one of the records including an initial, and our automated program didn't match it. 

While we may have your details, we don't have resources to spend a lot of time inspecting mismatches manually and transcribing details. The simplest way to get your details into the payment program is for you to input them, so please bear with us and fill in the form if you want a bank transfer.

What Happens If Someone Else Pays My Council Tax For Me?
Rebates are due to the person liable for the Council Tax, not whoever may pay it for you. You will receive the latter in your name and it is your bank details that we rquire to make a payment. If someone else's details are provided, the match will fail and the payment won't be processed.

I Can't Access The Internet
A computer has been set up in the reception area of the Town Hall for use by anyone who cannot access the internet themselves to make their application. This computer cannot access anything except the form to input Energy Rebate applications.

What If I Ignore The Letter?
Anyone who doesn't input an application form will receive a credit on their Council Tax account. The adjustment will be made in August or September.

I Can't Come To The Town Hall
There is a dedicated phone line to assist people who cannot access the internet and are unable to come to the Town Hall - 02392-545470.
Alternatively, if you do nothing, the money will be credited against your Council Tax bill.

This number is for people who need assistance. It is not a general enquiry number about when you will receive your payment. We will not respond to enquiries of that nature.

How And When Will I be Paid?
 All payments will be by transfer to your bank account. There won't be any payments by cheque.

You will receive your payment 2-3 working days after you input your bank details.

The vast majority of payments will be completed by early September, and all will be completed by the end of September.

Energy Rebate Flowchart

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