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Borough elections: candidates revealed

The list of candidates standing for election to Gosport Borough Council has been published.

The list, known as the statement of persons nominated, can be seen online now.

The elections are on 5 May.

Following an independent review, a new electoral map has been drawn up for the borough, with six fewer councillors.

Each ward (electoral area) has two councillors. Usually, only one seat in each ward is up for election. But because the map of wards has changed, all seats will be up for election this time. This means voters will have two votes to cast - one for each of the seats in their ward.

To vote in the elections, residents need to be registered. Anyone not registered to vote can apply now. The deadline for registering to vote at these elections is Thursday 14 April.

Anyone who will be 18 or older on 5 May can register to vote.

Poll cards have been sent out, telling residents which polling station they can attend to cast their vote.

Instead of going to a polling station, residents can vote by post, or nominate someone to go to the polling station on their behalf (called a proxy vote).

For postal votes, the council must receive an application by 5pm on Tuesday 19 April.

For proxy votes, the deadline for applications is 5pm on Tuesday 26 April.

For more information, see our special elections page or call the council's election team on 023 9254 5227.

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