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Forton Lake Millennium bridge is back in operation

The Forton Lake lifting bridge is operating normally again, following repairs and tests by the council this week.

Boaters can now ask for the bridge to be lifted so they can leave and enter the lake.

The mechanism that raises and lowers a section of the bridge, allowing taller boats to pass through, had not been working for some time, and specialist contractors have been working to fix it. Final repair work on the bridge started this week, and tests proved successful.

The structure, used by people walking or cycling to cross over the lake, is also known as the Millennium bridge.

The bridge will be raised to allow a boat out of the lake on Wednesday, if weather conditions allow.

Cllr Graham Burgess, Leader of the Council, said: "We're sorry this has taken some time to achieve and has caused frustration to people with boats. It's been a difficult and complex job but we believe it has had the desired result."

To request a lifting of the bridge, boaters should email our property services team or call 023 9254 5289 in normal office hours, giving as much notice as possible - at least a full working day.


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