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Council fees frozen for 2022

Almost all fees charged by the council are being frozen in a bid to help residents and businesses get back on their feet after lockdown.

Fees for council car parks, allotments, sports facilities and licences are among the one-off or incidental costs that will not increase in 2022, councillors have decided.

Cllr Graham Burgess, Leader of the Council, said: "These fees are important income sources for the council, helping to pay for services and to reduce the burden on council-tax payers.

"But we know what residents and businesses in the borough have been through since the pandemic hit, and this is one way of giving them a break and helping them recover.

"Because the council has managed its finances carefully, we can afford to do this."

One change for 2022 will be the way the council charges for the removal of abandoned vehicles, caravans and trailers. Instead of a set fee, the charge will reflect the cost to the council.

Charges decided by the government, not under the control of the council, may still go up next year.

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