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SHLAA Proforma

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Proforma split by Ward

The individual SHLAA Proforma, detailing each sites constraints including the individual components used to assess why a site is or isn't suitable, available and achievable can be found on the pages below. All sites are organised by their Ward.

The SHLAA Proforma accompany the SHLAA Report which summarises the findings of the assessment and details the sites which the Council considers demonstrate sufficient 'suitability', 'availability' and 'achievability' in line with national planning guidance. The Report also sets out the methodology used to assess these sites and determine their suitability for development.

The inclusion of a site within the SHLAA does not necessarily imply that the Council will allocate it for housing development, or that planning permission would be granted for new homes. All planning applications for development are determined against local plan policies and material planning considerations.

SHLAA Proforma:

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