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Historic Building Grants

Only at risk listed buildings could potentially get grant support. 

The grants scheme is intended to help towards the costs of repairs to the fabric of a building, particularly those features that distinguish it as a building of interest.

Typically, the types of work that would be eligible for grant would include:

  1. Repairs and restoration works to walls, roofs, doors, windows, external decorative features, chimneys and traditional shopfronts.
  2. Treatment of woodworm, dry rot, etc. and waterproofing.
  3. In the case of Grade I and II* listed buildings, work to internal features may be included if they are considered sufficiently important, and in this case a condition of grant may be that these features are available for the general public to view.
  4. If the building is sufficiently important, thatching may be eligible; this will be normally conditional on the use of traditional long straw.

In contrast, it should be noted that the following are not included:

  1. General maintenance
  2. Replacement of services such as gas, electricity, etc
  3. Alterations or additions.

Criteria for Assessment

In all cases the following criteria will be taken into account.

  1. The importance of the building's architectural or historic character, its heritage value and condition.
  2. Whether the works proposed to the building will enhance the area in which it is located, and are cost effective in this context.
  3. Whether works are essential for the well being of the building and conform to the technical guidance related to historic buildings.
  4. Whether works are in accordance with the Borough Local Plan, Gosport Heritage, non-statutory policies, Conservation Area Action Plans or other guidelines issued by the Borough Council, County Council and various amenity organisations.

Priority will, as a rule, be given to Listed Buildings and other buildings considered to be 'At Risk'

Levels of Grant Assistance

The normal level of grant assistance is based on a percentage of the costs of the eligible works. In the case of Gosport Borough Council, the level of grant is discretionary subject to the merits of the project. However, as a rough guide, around 15% - 20% would be offered towards Listed Buildings, and 10% to buildings on the Local List, or other buildings of historic interest in a Conservation Area.

Grants for larger projects, especially if they are phased schemes, will be subject to an upper limit of £3,000 per project in any one financial year.

Other Sources of Grants

Additional assistance may be available towards the cost of repair and renovation of Grade I or II* Listed Buildings and Ancient Monuments.

Application should be made direct to Historic England.

How the Grant System Works

An application for grant aid will be considered by the Borough Council's Regulatory Board. Following consideration, the Conservation Officer will write to you and may attach appropriate conditions to any offer made.

Except in the case of emergency works, (for example, water pouring through a roof), a date for the start of works should only be agreed after the receipt of the grant offer. In the case of emergency works contact the Conservation Officer who will tell you how to proceed.

You must inform the Conservation Officer when work is due to commence so that inspection may be arranged. A start should be made within 18 months of an offer being made and completion should be within 3 years.

If, on completion, the works are not considered satisfactory, part or all of the grant monies may be withheld by the Borough Council, so that it is important that you keep the Conservation Officer advised of progress.

Payment of grant aid is normally made only on completion of the works and the production of a copy of the final account for the works.

The Background to Grant Assistance

The Borough of Gosport contains a variety of buildings that are of special Architectural or Historic Interest, both 'listed' and 'unlisted'. These buildings provide the area with much of its character and provide a key to an interesting and worthwhile environment.

Those buildings failing into this category that are in private ownership may require expensive works of repair and restoration to retain their architectural features and thereby continue to contribute to the character of the Borough.

The Borough Council acknowledges that an extra financial burden is placed on the owners of such buildings because more stringent requirements are imposed as a consequence of their significance. For this reason discretionary grants are available. This leaflet gives general guidance to those considering works and explains the policy guidelines against which grant aid requests are considered.

The Borough Council is able to offer discretionary grants for repair and restoration within a set annual budget. These grants are offered under the provisions of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

Only Listed Buildings that are considered 'at risk' would be considered for Grant Aid.

How to Apply for a Grant

If you are considering works which may be eligible for grant assistance you are advised to follow the procedures set out below:

  1. Discuss your proposals with the Borough Council's Conservation Officer. They will be able to guide you in the choice of works and the standards of workmanship and materials appropriate for your particular needs.
  2. Obtain a survey of the building from a Surveyor or Architect to establish the scope of the work needed and the general condition of the building. Fees for this service are eligible for grant aid. (The requirement for a survey may be waived in the case of limited works).
  3. Obtain at least two tenders from suitably experienced contractors, especially where specialist works are concerned.
  4. Obtain the appropriate form from the Town Hall, and on completion attach:
    - 2 photographs of the building
    - 2 copies of a site plan of adequate scale
    - 2 copies of the estimates for the work, together with a copy of the survey (where appropriate).

The receipt of your application will be acknowledged and subsequently you will be notified of the offer of grant. You should not commence work before the offer of grant has been made, although in exceptional circumstances agreement may be given for work to start earlier if the building is considered to be 'At Risk'.

For further information, or clarification of any of the above points please contact:

P012 1EB

Telephone: (023) 9254 5456
Fax: (023) 9254 5612

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