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What is Local Housing Allowance?

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates are the rates used to work out Housing Benefit for tenants in private rented accommodation. The amounts used are flat-rate allowances based on the size of the tenant's 'household' and the area in which they rent their property to decide the amount of benefit they will receive.

The LHA amount is not directly related to the rent that is charged so if your rent is lower than the LHA rate, you will only be entitled to your rent, not more. If your rent is higher than the LHA rate, it is your responsibility to make up any shortfall.

Other circumstances, such as the money that the tenant has coming in or other people living in the household, will still affect the amount of benefit paid so the tenant may not always receive the full rate of LHA. Note that LHA rates do not affect tenants of the Council or a Housing Association.

Type of accommodation

Weekly LHA

From  1 April 2022



 One bedroom property


 Two bedroom property


 Three bedroom property


 Four bedroom property


LHA is based on:

  • what area you live in
  • who lives with you


Paying your rent

LHA is usually paid to you and not to your landlord. You are responsible for paying your rent to your landlord.

You must agree with your landlord about how and when you will pay your rent. Being responsible for paying your rent to your landlord gives you greater opportunity to negotiate with your landlord about how much rent you pay.

We will pay your benefit straight into your bank account. If you do not already have one, you will need to open a bank account. 

You can get advice about opening and using a bank account from any bank or building society. You can also get advice from organisations such as Citizens Advice.


What if I have problems paying my rent to the landlord?

In special cases we may be able to pay your rent to your landlord. If you are worried about managing your money, or have had problems in the past, let us know and we can help.


What if my circumstances change?

You need to tell us straight away.


Where can I get more information?

Alternatively you can get advice from:

  • Citizens Advice - Martin Snape House, Pavilion Way, Gosport PO12 1GE. Telephone 08444 77 22 32

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